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The Viewers: Paragraph 5
"When are we telling Sarah that Mr. Blair is dead?" I looked up at the human. Why won't he pet me? I mewed. The female looked down and smiled.
"Aw, she looked like Hello Kitty."
I found myself being lifted and started to unsheath my claws, but relaxed when petting immediately started. This meant food would come soon.
"We're not telling her that he's dead. She'll freak." The male with fish-pale skin looked at me. "Would you put that brute down? We can't take in a stray."
I hissed at him.
"Seems like kitty doesn't like ya either," the dark-skinned male said, grinning.
"Shut up, Douglas," the pale one said, still eyeing me, "It'll be fine in an office building, people probably feed it all the time."
I hissed at him again, then had to shift as the female holding me sat down, saying, "What now?"
"My uncle's a mage," said Douglas, "We can hide with him."
The petting stopped as they continued speaking, and I stretched, growing bored as no food came my way. However, the female was warm, so I s
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The Viewers: Paragraph 4
"Damn! There’s only one more use on this thing!"
I whirled around from the vending machine. There were three kids standing a foot from me, red faced.
"Hey, what’re you lot doing here?" I shouted.
The Asian girl turned, eyes widening. “Oh shit,” she muttered, stepping back.
"I’ve got this," the black boy said. He grinned at me, and fire danced between his teeth.
I screamed, flattening against the vending machine.
"Are you a demon?" I whispered.
"Nah," he said through the fire spitting through his mouth, "That’s the people after us."
Then I fainted.
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The Viewers: Paragraph 3
The bell rang, and I looked up from the magazine to see three teens come in. Two guys my age, one blond haired with tired eyes, the other with dark skin and frizzy small afro, scowling as he looked around.
And a nice-looking chick, I think Mexican.
"Hi, welcome to 7-11," I said.
They didn't respond as they ran into an aisle, then a flash of blue light. Getting up from behind the counter, I walked there to see nothing there.
Rolling my eyes, I walked around to the rest of the store, then frowned.
I didn't see any of them anywhere, and I didn't hear the bell ring to hear someone going out.
Shrugging, I went back to the magazine.
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The Viewers: Paragraph 2
"We're gonna have to get her off our trail if we wanna keep going."
I blinked, going around the library aisle to find three teens whispering hurriedly. They looked up, alarm on their faces.
"The library is closed," I said crisply, "You need to get out."
"We're just going," the boy said, head held high. He marched past me, the girl and another boy following. Shaking my head, I followed them. Then a loud tinkle, and I felt something hit me.
The south window was broken, I saw, and glass dotted the floor like ill-fated snowflakes.
"What on—"
"RUN!" one of the boys screamed, pushing me aside. I felt something rush past me, and tripped over my heels as I followed him.
Then an explosion rocked the place, and I fell.
"What's going on?" I screamed, tugging at the hoodie of the blond boy.
"We're going, we're going, sorry, stay down, don't look at the yellow crystals, wait five minutes before leaving, bye!" he yelled, scrambling out the broken window.
Then there was silence.
I sat down, try
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The Viewers: Paragraph 1
I stared at the girl. "Hey, tha's ma cabbie!" I yelled.
Her head whipped around, guilt on her face as she screamed, "Sorry!", contradicting the fact that she dove into the driver's compartment. Two other youths, boys, dove into the car, and sped off.
"Come back here!" I screamed, feeling like every stereotypical person ever stolen from. Then there was a terrific jolt in my shoulder.
I stared at the red stain bleeding through my only white shirt, too shocked to even register the pain.
"Tell anyone about the children, and next time I won't miss."
I looked behind me, clutching my shoulder. A smiling woman stared at me. A beauty, she was, only her eyes were the most frightening thing I'd ever beheld.
"You might want to see a doctor for that shoulder," she said, smoothly putting on lipstick in the color of blood. All her clothes were that color, actually. She was dressed in the color of blood.
I nodded slowly, then turned and called, "Taxi!"
Ironic. The cabbie driver hailing for a taxi.
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Allison Yishin Law
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A dreamer, writer, reader, sometimes a thinker (but more likely to be impulsive,) pansexual, asexual, bizarre.

Currently writing and editing "The Day I Met Fruit Salad," need feedback desperately. Link below.…
I suppose I'm becoming more active on here now, as I'm going to be submitting my work on tumblr and deviantart for my pet project. Let's see how long I can keep this up.
I need a schedule.

Been watching quite a lot of BBC Sherlock, so that might account for my way of writing at the moment.  

What to say now? I'm supposing there's people that are willing to read what I do, and here goes:
-working on my pet project, dubbed "The Viewers", in which the story is told from the side characters, one paragraph at a time.
-editing and writing more on my novel, "The Day I Met Fruit Salad", which I need feedback on desperately.
Here's a link, if you're interested and got the time:…


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